Strengths and Weaknesses

As an overwatch counter player the most important thing for you to find out is that which hero is best at countering other heroes in the game? Overwatch counter is a type of game that contains many characters with each character or hero having a specific strong and weak point respectively. As a player of this game you need to make smart choices and you have to pose heroes that have the ability to counter the opponent hero.

Having knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of each individual hero is a great advantage for you and can be the ultimate reason behind your success in the game. This knowledge will help you in dealing with specific threats that have become an obstacle for you during the game. For example bastion counters is strong against characters like Winston, Mercy and Reinhardt and is weak against characters like Genji, widowmaker and Tracer. So whenever you will face Winston you will make the smart move of choosing bastion counters.

Now the question arises from where you can get this important information about hero’s strengths and weaknesses? Well the official information about the heroes and their abilities was released by Blizzard. The information contained hero cards equipped with information about each character and who it is strong or weak against. The second source of information is game experience, the more you play the game the more experience you will gain about each hero in Overwatch counter.

Overwatch Counter is a game of smart choices and these smart choices can only be made by you if you have rich information about each member in your selected team. If you know the strengths and weaknesses of every hero in the game then that can surely serve as a plus pint for you as well as your team.

A few salon safety that Warners Bay Hairdresser knows well




The anticipation of being in a relaxed environment is always preceded by a visit to a hair stylist salon. The Warners Bay salons are also not exception. However, few people are conscious about the fact the salon may pose a serious menace especially for the frequenters. It is your choice if you are looking for luxurious customized beauty experience or an ordinary salon in your vicinity that are least sanitized. Yes,  it is you who will decide.  Fortunately, if you meet a Warners Bay hairdresser, then you are lucky enough to get the tips of the hygienic hairdressing salon. 

Once you are at any of the salons of Warners Bay, follow or check some of the hygienic standard prior to sitting down for any cut or style done.  

  1. Make sure that the salon premise is dirt free and shipshape.
  2. Become aware if the seats are cleaned after dealing with the every client, or else it might contaminate you.
  3. Be sure,  that the hairdresser washes hands after and before attending the clients.
  4. Notice if the hairdressers get any cuts or injury in hands, then it must be bandaged nicely to prevent infection.
  5. Make sure the equipments used for hair styling are sterilized.
  6. Be sure that the gloves used by the hairdressers are replaced immediately after attending a client to prevent the danger of infectivity.  

These standards of hygiene are very essential for the beauty shop business as these businesses are directly getting  in skin touch with a customer. It also reflects how serious a Warners Bay hairdresser when performing in a salon.

The hair is the most important thing on the face.It determines the structure of appearance. We always love to care, and maintain the style of hair many times, or whenever we get time.  As a social trend hair plays  an important role.