How to breed quality cattle at your own farm?

Breeding healthy cattle is important in the bovine or let’s say the livestock world. genes deplete as a generation advances and to make sure that the breed being produced each year carries over the good quality and pedigree of years before, livestock business owners often opt for assisted pregnancy where they find out good pedigree semen for sale and impregnate the female cattle. For instance, if you are interested in breeding high quality cattle, like, let’s say, the Jersey breed, and then you can easily procure genetically pure Jersey bull semen which will help the progeny consist of favourable features.

So where can I buy semen?

There are more than enough people in the business today. Spending a few minutes on the internet will give you a long list of places where you can get semen for sale. But as always you want to research well before you settle for something which you think will enhance the quality of your next batch of cattle. People not only sell semen but they also custom store semen so that it can be used favourably at a future date. Purchasing bull semen online is an option. But if you are hands on person, you may want to visit a farm or offices nearby where they conduct this business.

What to do when buying bull semen?

Artificial insemination has greatly benefitted the cattle industry, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t benefit from it. Just follow the steps below to make sure you have the best semen for the breeding program you have in mind.

·         It’s important to first choose the bull whose semen you want to use. Selection criteria for narrowing the list of semen for sale should include pedigree, general health, fertility rate and fees. Choose a detailed website which has pictures, pedigree details and reviews to aid your decision.

·         It’s important to bring all your cows to heat together so you’ll be able to plan things ahead and you can impregnate them all at once.

·         While ordering frozen semen by phone or online, please make sure you use it all at the same time, lest you have to freeze it again. And that will certainly reduce the efficacy of the semen. Counting the fact that the ordered semen will take about 48 hours to reach your door, plan things in a way that you can use it without further delay.

·         A breeder should know that semen prices aren’t refundable should the cow not be in heat.

·         Keeping the semen in nitrogen tanks is imperative if your cows are not in heat for whatever reason. Before using, please thaw the semen.

·         Please make sure to keep the tanks in a safe place and return them to the supplier as it comes in handy for future uses. 

When done properly you will find that investing in first class semen is a good idea as it ensures high pedigree of future breeds and higher returns from the market. Though the success rate of artificial insemination positively impacts reproductive performance in livestock, breeders should remember that like every assisted pregnancy, they will have to provide conducive breeding environment to the expecting cows so that there are no chances of mishaps taking place. By paying attention to demographics you can figure out the perfect time for insemination, which will help to make the venture more voluminous and successful.