Is facebook really worth 68 billions? How to proceed a site worth?


A site value calculator is an excellent tool to assist you and help you find a value for your domain. Whether you are looking to sell, or if you just want to know, you can easily find these calculators all over the internet.

What does it do?

A website worth calculator is designed to find the best price for your domain. It considers how much the domain might be worth based on measurable factors. Some of those factors include domain age, words used in the domain, and marketability.

Why are those factors important and why do they make my domain worth more?

An older domain is going to be worth more simply because it is older. Search engines like Google prioritize older domains in search results listings. This is to prevent websites like advertisements where a new domain is acquired frequently to match trending keywords. The words used in your domain are also very important. A short domain is the most desirable because it is easy to stream traffic to it. Many companies look for short domains so their website address is easy to remember and they can even tie it into their advertisement jingles. That leads into marketability, domains that contain keywords or short phrases are going to be easier to market in advertisements. Catch phrases or common phrases are often sought after because they also give the viewer an idea of what the website might contain that would pertain to them.

Can I figure out my domain value on my own?

You can! It will take some market research to see what is selling currently. Like all things in sales, there are market trends, and it is important to know how that applies to you. You can also look at what other domains that are similar to yours, either in keywords, length, age, marketability, etc, are going for to get the best idea for how much your domain could go for. That still might not give you an exact price, so you will probably have to estimate about how much it would really go for. But with trial and error, it is very likely you will get it sold.

What if I just want to figure out the value?

Easy! Use a site worth calculator. Many people are afraid of getting spam or losing money online and sometimes it is difficult to find a website that you trust to give you the answer you are looking for. You can do that easily with a site worth checker. These tools are designed to give you up to date prices for all of the trending values. You do not have to be an expert to figure it out, and there is no limit to how many you use to compare prices and fully understand what your domain is worth. And the best part is that these services are usually free. If you want to find the best one, check website forums of buyers/sellers with experience and they will direct you to the best.