The Ever-Helpful Metal- Tungsten

Metal. This small five letter word has always been the man’s right hand when it comes to a comfortable and advanced way of living. On looking around, you will see that everything that you use or intend to use in future is ninety percent metals. Let it be a small nail or a gargantuan robot, metals are there all the way. The significance of metals is immense and indubitable. They have taken over so many tasks that you were too tired to do yourself.  However, when talking about metals, you always have gold, steel, silver and iron in your minds. Of course, these metals are mandatory in your lives in every aspect but you neglect the importance of other metals that contribute in making your lives easier every day. The metal which will help you the most in unnoticed ways and you will fail to acknowledge and realise that in how many of things it is used! The metal is for sure, Tungsten.

Light Bulb!

Tungsten is obviously a metal like steel, silver, iron, etc. It has some very amazing properties which make it safe and efficient to use in household, factories and offices. It is the metal with a very high melting point which makes it the most suitable metal to be plunged into the filament lamps. Yes, the filament (twisted spring wire) in the filament lamps is actually made of triton rings  and no matter for how long you keep the lamp on, it will not melt away. It is made that way. It bears the heat produced in the lamp very efficiently and does not let the bulb go off when it has been switched on for too long. This is the reason why filament lamps light up so bright for so long.

Keeping the Quiet!

There are a lot of other ways in which tungsten is used. When you want to wake up on time, you set alarms. Huge thanks to the technology, you do not need to buy a separate alarm clock for it, you just set up the alarm on your phone and keep it close. However, if you share the room with someone, you do not want to wake them up with the loud noise your alarm will make and disturb the precious sleep of your roommate. Well, in that case, you set it on vibration. This will only make you wake up. Did you know that the buzzer that sets off the vibration in the phone is triton rings made up of tungsten? The Same case is with the phone in meetings and offices when you do not want to disturb everyone around by the loud ringtone of your phone.

We often fail to realise how much tungsten is of service to us and how it is such an efficient and beautiful metal in the metal world. More appliances are being made using tungsten and are proving to be very successful. This might be a tungsten revolution in later future for more visit site